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Employees and Substitutes: your username is your last name only.

Your password is your PIN.

For login problems or questions, please contact the
Arlington, Bennington, Blair, D.C. West, Elkhorn, Gretna, Louisville, Millard, Papillion-LaVista, Plattsmouth, Ralston, or Westside District Office at the support number provided in your documentation.

New to SubFinder? You must register your name with SubFinder via the phone (402-597-8967) before using SubFinder online for the first time.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Once you are eligible to log into SubFinder Online, you must enter your LAST name only in the "User Name" box (NOT your email user name) and your 6-digit PIN in the "Password" box. If you login incorrectly too many times and get locked out, you may refresh your number of attempts by closing and re-opening your Internet browser. Login again.

The operator is not able to reset your login information.